About Us

Bollywood Dance School Australia

Bollywood Dance School Australia is on a mission to share the Indian culture with Australian community through Indian performing arts and dance forms. We share the joy of dance, empower and motivate individuals to get fit through Dance and enthrall the audiences through performance.

At Bollywood Dance School Australia, we understand our clients and students differ in what they expect from our classes, whether that becoming better at their skills or improving their overall fitness and wellbeing. To cater to these differing needs, we run general classes for age groups from 4 years to 84 years.

Our intensive programs are for dancers who are wanting to learn the advanced nuances for dance and performing arts and being a part of our Dance Company. At Bollywood Dance School Australia, we teach different dance styles including Bollywood, Contemporary, Hip-hop, Jazz, Indian Contemporary and many more to the tunes of Bollywood Music.

The Bollywood Dance School Intensive Program is designed to give students from all ages the opportunity to train and study dance in a professional environment. This program is for students who meet certain aptitude criteria and is structured to advance the technical skills of dancers and improve their overall dance vocabulary. To qualify for the intensive classes, students are required to have partaken in general dance classes run by the company for a minimum of 12 months before they are eligible to audition internally. This is so that dancers can cultivate a strong foundation before building upon their skills. However, once a year we also have auditions open to the general public to expand our student base. Students aged 8 to 12 can audition for a chance to be one of our Intensive Juniors and students over the age of 13 can audition to participate in our Intensive Advance batch or Intensive Crew or Bolly Crew batches.

Training does not cease with the intensive program. Students who excel will also be invited to join the company dance team and can pass knowledge onto other dancers by becoming a Junior Instructor.

In addition to these opportunities, Bollywood Dance School Australia offers a Bollywood workout program an exhilarating cardio blast spiced up with groovy Bollywood “jhatkas” and “thumkas” (grooves and moves) for a full body workout like never. This fun filled class are bound to have you energized and de-stressed without the commitment of performing at shows.

Bollywood Dance School Australia run five 8-week dance terms in a calendar year. Each term culminates in a showcase for students to present to their family and friends what they have learnt. For children and adults, these shows are a fantastic opportunity to help fortify confidence.

Bollywood Dance School Australia’s instructors and company dancers also interact with the wider community through performances at weddings, charity shows, engagements and birthdays to name a few. Bollywood Dance School Australia also run scheduled workshops at schools. These workshops are run with the intent to promote health and fitness through the medium of dance and are designed in a way to allow students to get involved and enjoy themselves regardless of their dance experiences.

Bollywood Dance School Australia’s highly qualified and talented instructors have undergone rigorous training under Mr Shiamak Davar, a well-known choreographer in India. For enquiries about private shows, workplace workshops, gym or fitness facility who would like to become involved with us, please do not hesitate to contact Admin on 0499 888 115.