Bollywood Dance School Australia FAQ’S


At what age can one register for BDSA’s Dance classes?

The starting age for a student to register for BDSA’s Dance classes is 4 years; there is no upper age limit. Classes are divided into the following categories based on age groups

  • Kids – 4 to 7 years
  • Pre-Teens – 8 to 12 years.
  • Adults – 13 years and above.

My child is 3 years old can they still enroll for BDSA Classes?

You will have to wait till your child turn 4 years and then you can enroll in the classes. This is so that they are more reciprocative for a dance class environment.

What Styles of Dances will be taught in the class?

At BDSA most Adult Beginner batches, Kids and Pre-Teens will begin with  Bollywood with Jazz techniques and discipline. As the classes progress they may be  taught other styles such as Salsa, Jazz, Funk, Hip Hop, Contemporary, Indian Contemporary depending on level of class and the general consensus of the Batch. All these styles are taught to Bollywood Music or Remixes.

I have never danced before; will I still be able to enroll for the classes?

At BDSA we firmly believe that any body can dance. Our classes cater for Beginners and Advanced students.

Where are the classes held?

We currently hold classes in 2 Australian Cities:

  • Melbourne – Glen Waverley, Point Cook, Craigieburn, Caroline Springs, Manor Lakes and Melbourne CBD.
  • Sydney – Parramatta, Chatswood, Quakers Hill and  Liverpool.

Can you start a class in our area?

At BDSA Australia we are committed to spreading the joy of Dance to as many people and localities as we can. We can start classes at a new Centre provided that there is sufficient interest in that particular area for classes. For further information please contact our Admin staff on 0499 888 115.

How many classes are in a Batch?

There are 8 classes of 1.5 hours in a batch for Adults and 8 classes of 1 hour each for Kids and Pre Teens.

How does the Class Schedule work?

To view the class schedule, simply click on the Schedule tab on our website (www.bollywooddanceschool.com.au) and select the City and the Centre you are enquiring about.

Can I join a class if I have a medical condition?

If you have a medical condition you are required to get a Doctor’s certificate that allows you to participate in the class. Make sure that you convey your medical condition to your Instructor PRIOR to the commencement of the class so that they are aware.

Do participating students get certificates after a batch?

All students participating in the classes get a certificate of participation on the completion of their batch and stage performance (if enrolled in an Performance batch).

Do you have any workshop classes that run during School Holidays?

We currently offer Summer Workshops, which run at the start of December and late January. Details regarding these classes will be available on our website closer to the date and on our Social Media handles.

What are your maximum class sizes for Kids and Adults?

We currently can only allow a maximum of 25 Kids in our Kids and Pre-Teen Batch and 30  in an Adult class.

What are the ATP, SPB and Show Kids batches? Would I be able to enroll for these batches?

Enrolments for our Advanced Training Program (ATP) Special Potential Batch (SPB) and Show Kids batches are done by Auditions only. These students are chosen based on their dance ability and potential during our Auditions. Auditions dates will be advertised through our student Database and on Social Media. If you are interested in auditioning you can register your interest by contacting our Admin staff on 0499 888 115 so we can notify you when our auditions take place.


How can I register for a batch?

You can head online to our website where the Schedule is displayed for each City and complete the enrolment procedure online. Alternatively you can contact the BDSA office on 0499 888 115 and get the registration information Once you have acquired the same you may proceed to enroll online at www.bollywooddanceschool.com.au

Why do I need to register and purchase my classes online?

As per Government regulations, Compliance and Public Liability Insurance we are required by company policy to take our enrolments online.

What is the Fee Structure for the classes?

Adults – $195 + GST for 12 Hours (8 classes of 1.5 hours Kids and Pre Teens - $195 + GST for 8 Hours (8 classes of 1 hour each)

How does the Early-bird discount work?

BDSA Australia provides students who enrol during the Early-Bird period (as Advertised) a discount on the class fees when enrolling for the Full Term. If you enroll after the Early-Bird period you will be able to enroll but with a full price. All enrollments have to be done online.

Would I be able to join a Batch Mid-Term?

Our online registrations for classes close after 2nd week of classes and you will be have to wait for the commencement of the next batch. This is because it will become difficult for the student to catch up on the choreography that as been missed and also class positioning. You will also not be able to perform on stage unless you complete 5 classes in a batch out of 8.

I already have a dance background, what level class should I start with?

We require all our students to begin at a Beginner/ Combo  level regardless of their dance background.

What are your refund policies?

We do not give refunds or exchanges, and class packages are non-shareable. There are no refunds if you purchase a class package and do not come to class to redeem it. In case you have a medical condition and you are unable to continue with our classes, you will have to produce a Doctor or Specialist certificate stating that you are not fit to do dancing. On the basis of which we issue a credit note, which is valid for a period of 6 months. This credit note may be transferrable to your immediate family member depending on the health condition.


What time should I arrive for class?

For your first class we recommend that you come 15 minutes prior to the commencement of the class, after the first class even 5 minutes prior should suffice so that the class starts on time.

What is the duration of the class?

The duration of all Kids and Pre-Teens classes is 1 hour. For adults the duration per class is 1.5 hours. Exceptions will apply to workshops and intensive courses.

What is the type of clothing that I will need to wear for the class? Is there anything else I need to bring with me?

The classes require comfortable dance attire such as tights, yoga pants, sweatpants and t-shirts. It is also advisable to carry a body-sized towel for the class or a Yoga mat for Floor Workouts and a Water Bottle to keep yourself hydrated is a MUST.

Are parents allowed to watch the class?

Depending on the nature of the workshop parents will be allowed to watch their kids in class on specific dates and times, which will be told to them by the instructor. The parents have to wait in the foyer or holding area as the Kids are easily distracted and may not feel comfortable having Parents watching the class throughout.

Can I take a trial class or watch a class?

You may choose to pay for a Drop-in Class if you would like to Trial the class before enrolling. If you decide to continue with the batch we will simply ask for the remainder of the Batch Fees. We do not allow prospective students to view the class as we feel it is more beneficial for you to actively partake in the Class in order to make up your mind about joining the batch.

What happens if I miss a class(es)? Can I make up for those missed classes?

Unfortunately if you miss a class, there is no way of redeeming the missed classes, however videos of the class routine are shot and will be made available to the Students of the class so that you may catch-up with anything that you may have missed.

Once I join a Batch, do I need to attend class the same day every week?

Yes, once you have enrolled for a batch you will be required to attend the same class every week as our classes run in a progressive format. Over the 8 classes in a batch student will learn one dance piece in a progressive manner, and each class learns a different dance piece.


Can I start performing in Shows once I join?

Currently we have 3 Student Concerts, which happen in the year at the end of our batches in which you will be participating with your class. In addition to this we also have ties with community events like the Moomba Festival and AFL, which are open to our students and other members of the community.

Do you have a dance concert?

We do have dance recitals / concerts / showecases / presentations at the end of every term.. Currently we have Three concerts that happen in the year, after our Autumn, Winter and Summer batches. The terms in between these batches have informal dance presentations. The idea of these concerts or presentations is to give our students a platform to showcase their talent and to get over the stage fear making them more confident dancers and individuals.

What happens during a Concert / Showcase?

All our students from all the different centers come together and put up a stage show for their Family and Friends to showcase what they have learnt in the Batch. Students get to experience firsthand what it is like to perform on stage with lights, costumes and an audience.

Where can I purchase Tickets for the Student concerts?

Your class Instructor will advise you when you can purchase tickets for the Student Show. Ticket sales are generally conducted online. Students may or may not be  required to purchase tickets for the show depending on the type of showcase.